Learn Two Simple Banjo Songs

Here’s a couple more songs that use just three chords on the banjo – G,C and D – When the Saints Go Marching In and She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain. In the last example – Oh Susannah, I indicated a strum with a slash, and the chords were printed above the lyrics, these two songs are done the same way.

Remember to sing along when you play these two songs, singing will help you with timing and make the song easier to learn.
She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain

When the Saints Go Marching In

All of the songs we have learned so far are in the key of G. Oh Susannah, She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain, and When the Saints Go Marching In, all end on the chord G. Usually, the chord that a song ends on tells you what key the song is in, if a song ends on a G, it’s key is probably also G.

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